About Us

Barusi Wholesalers has been a privileged name in the Wholesaling industry. We provide authenticated products at the best price, shipping in bulk quantities for retailers and resellers while also provide direct supplies to end customers covering a wide variety of brands and categories of products.

Despite the enormous collection of products, the quality is always not compromised. All of your products are shipped in an swift manner as soon as the Order is confirmed.

Even if there is any delay in the process, or if you face any delay in receiving the tracking code Do contact us and one of our Staffs would look into the issue as soon as possible.

5 Years
of experiencing Wholesaling

Even though with much knowledge in our 5+ years in this industry of wholesaling and relating branded products to end-customers, Barusi
Wholesalers still strives to achieve the perfection we maintain in customer satisfaction.

Barusi Wholesalers expertise in almost all the categories gives its customers a wide variety of options to choose from. Branded products are verified before they are shipped and further quality and cargo checks are routinely carried out to maintain the quality of the products we ship.